Headshots of Meg; one with her eyes closed, one with her fixing her hair, one with her looking pleasant.

For the record upfront: I’m Margaret on all official bits of paper, and my last name is pronounced “Holly.”

Raised in North Dakota, school, work and life has put me all over the map. After West Fargo I lived in Minneapolis for seven years during and following my undergrad English degree at the University of Minnesota. In 2006 adventures in library science brought me to Canada where higher education was significantly more affordable, even for me as an international student. In May 2009 I graduated from the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (now the iSchool) at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, with 2008 spent in beautiful Victoria for full-time, in-depth internships, a.k.a. co-op education.

It was a tremendous experience—both graduate school and living in Canada. Canadians are awesome and British Columbia is gorgeous; I was always down for exploring new shorelines, yam sushi eateries and booming dance floors. In 2009 Minneapolis called me home, where I lived, worked and played another four years. My wanderlust wasn’t yet spent, though. April 2013 I moved to Austin, Texas, for a reference librarian position at Austin Public Library. Here I eat tacos, wrestle with dogs, cavort with my mister and try not to die in traffic.

Personal interests include biking, camping, cooking, reading, avoiding excessive internet use and creative writing. To learn more about what makes me tick, visit deepsicks, my website since 2002 where I share photography and narrative nonfiction.

I am on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth. Feel free to find and friend me to expand our respective empires.

Questions or comments? Contact me at megholle (at) gmail.com